Panther Associates is a leading boutique advisory and private equity firm providing strategic financial advisory services and co-investments opportunities to a diversified client base, consisting of both corporate and individual entities. Founded in 2019, the firm has actively fostered a performance-driven culture, which seeks to take an active and accountable approach towards delivering client/investor satisfaction. Under the guidance of the firm’s founder, a renowned former executive with 30+ years of experience in large financial institutions, the Panther team has guided numerous companies in navigating the micro and macro challenges facing businesses today.

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Private Wealth Management & Family Office

Amidst today’s globally-connected world, family wealth may often be dispersed across numerous countries and regions, placing a greater need for trusted management to preserve and nurture its value. That is why we at Panther have built a team with a long, consistent track record of providing effective stewardship of high net-worth family wealth to safeguard your family’s interests. Understanding that family needs do not hinge solely on the financial aspect, but also necessitate the careful handling of highly sensitive information, we have instilled privacy as a focal point in everything we do. Our services include Investment Oversight, Estate Planning, and Family Office Oversight, along with other services customized to your family’s needs.

Investment Planning Management

Each family has a unique investment philosophy. We take a comprehensive approach to creating the optimal strategy to meet your objectives. By means of a structured advisory process, our dedicated private wealth specialists assist families in managing liquidity, recommending and monitoring a suitable asset allocation plan based on their risk appetite. Equipped with strong alliances with investment firms in London and the UAE, we also offer our clients access to a wide range of offshore investment opportunities.

Estate Planning

Our goal is to optimize wealth and preserve our clients’ legacy for future generations. By offering a structured estate plan, we make sure that assets are protected with an efficient succession plan. We offer wealth protection solutions and guidance regarding all asset classes and income sources, as well as wealth management and financial literacy training for succeeding generations. Fully aware of our clients’ desire to give back to their communities, we also manage all philanthropic efforts by forming foundations and charitable trusts.

Family Office

By being a single point of contact, we make sure that every aspect of your family office’s needs is diligently met. We help our clients with asset management, private banking, tax planning and reporting, estate planning, management of family operations and governance of existing firms. We also assist in handling all administrative needs, including existing and new accounts, your investment documents and oversight of your firms. This multifaceted approach, along with our firm’s strong belief in a transparent and diligent reporting culture, provides families with a great deal of confidence that their wealth is being managed in a manner consistent with their objectives.

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