Panther Associates is a leading boutique advisory and private equity firm providing strategic financial advisory services and co-investments opportunities to a diversified client base, consisting of both corporate and individual entities. Founded in 2019, the firm has actively fostered a performance-driven culture, which seeks to take an active and accountable approach towards delivering client/investor satisfaction. Under the guidance of the firm’s founder, a renowned former executive with 30+ years of experience in large financial institutions, the Panther team has guided numerous companies in navigating the micro and macro challenges facing businesses today.

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Corporate & Investment Advisory

Strategic Advisory

In an age characterized by constant change, adopting an agile business strategy is an integral constituent of a company’s long-term success. We pride ourselves in adopting a tried-and-tested approach, through which our team has successfully implemented numerous company turnarounds from a diverse range of industries. Through an in-depth process of analysis and evaluation of business models, financial structures, and company performance, we develop tailored strategies that mobilize key strengths and eradicate inefficiencies in an organization. Our team integrates itself with senior management and BOD members to ensure organizational goals and strategies align with the company vision, setting a well-structured business plan marked by defined milestones. Our recommended plan puts transformation at the forefront, establishing the basis for achieving sustainable business development. In addition, we take the lead in ensuring that the implementation of the recommended plan is followed through and that deviations are addressed. Together, we render strategies actionable, turning company targets into reality.

Capital Advisory, Funding and Debt Raising

A core component of any company’s success is the adoption of an appropriate capital structure—one that maximizes shareholder returns, mitigates risk, and provides companies with the necessary financial resources to grow. As your capital advisors, we offer a realistic outlook on the financing required to initiate new lines of business, complete existing projects and resolve liquidity squeezes, as well as a solution to fulfil these needs. By virtue of our extensive experience in implementing innovative financial engineering practices in Egypt and the region, our services extend to cover Debt Structure Advisory and Loan Negotiations on behalf of clients with their respective financial institutions.

Divestitures, M&A’s Advisory

During the momentous process of downsizing or expanding your company, we provide you with meticulous due-diligence, a wide network of promising acquirers, and negotiation expertise essential to securing the ideal deal. By guiding our clients towards and through such transactions, we ensure smooth execution, maximizing their inherent benefits and curtailing their risks.

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